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The Benefits of eStatements. 

Statements serve an important role in our financial lives. They are our official record of transactions, fees, interest earned or charged and more. If you haven't made the switch to eStatements yet, there are tons of great reasons to go digital.

  •  Get Your Documents Quicker.    With eStatements, you can expect to have a print-ready PDF available within the first 2-3 days of the month. With paper, you're waiting an additional 5-10 days for snail mail. And those extra days can really matter if there are errors or suspicious transactions.
  • Reduce the Clutter.    You need a good filing system when you have paper statements so you can find them when you need them. eStatements are available anywhere you have internet and they save a few trees be reducing the paper.
  • Fraud Prevention.    When you don't have sensitive documents coming in the mail, you don't need to be worried about someone taking them from your mail or your recycling. And by setting a strong password and changing it regularly, you can keep your online documents secure. 
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